Is he the one for me?

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A little tips to choose a true fiancé.

Love is an amazing feeling where everything appears rosy for you. However, the following tips may help one to determine if he is ‘the one‘ or ‘Mr. Right‘ for you.

1) He listens to you: He listens to you when you talk and genuinely takes an interest in things you say. When you need guidance or support he is there for you. He is also comfortable talking to you about everything.

2) No need to compromise or change: You do not need to compromise or change for him. He accepts you as you are and you can be yourself with him.

3) You are comfortable with him: He knows each and every aspect of your personality and still loves you with all your negatives and positives.You feel comfortable being with him and you can be yourself without pretences. He makes you feel good about yourself.You can discuss things about your past and also about your future with him and you can visualize a future with him. You can visualize getting older with him.

4) You trust him: You trust him with your life and know that you would be safe with him. You share a natural chemistry with him that the people around can see it clearly.

5) He remembers all the special moments: He never forgets days important to you. He also has a good memory when it comes to your memorable moments together like your first date, when you first met or your first kiss.

6) You love him the way you are: Whether is perfectly groomed or does not look him you love him the way he is and your admiration never ceases. You are comfortable talking about things he does with your close pals and family.

7) He Enriches Your Life: He enhances the quality of your life. His support and encouragement makes you a better person. He has your best interests in mind.

8) He Pampers You: He pampers you and shows his love and caring in a several ways that you are special to him. You can feel it in his eyes and the way he looks at you.

9) He would be there for you even if you would not be in a relationship: He would be your true friend even if he is not your boyfriend or fiancé.

10)You share a common ground and interests mostly.

11) You are Part of His World: His family, friends and co-workers know you.

12) He Sacrifices or take troubles for you without considering it as a burden and without complaining.

Hope these tips would help you getting the answer to your question: Is he the one for me whom for I am here in this world?

If you get any person like these features, never let him go. Its nature of human that he never feel the importance of rare things around him but kindly find the real person around you and feel his importance and Love him forever and ever.

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