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Resting well is a challenge that faces most of those who work in any type of ministry. We know know this is a big issue and as much as youth workers don’t want to admit their need for rest, they need rest.
From our perspective, there’s at least two important elements to resting:

..| disconnecting from work
..| reconnecting with God

Disconnecting from work can be very difficult when there is a genuine love and passion for the ministry in which we’re engaged. It’s a blessing to be passionate about our work, but the excitement can lead us to forget that too much of a good thing doesn’t always result in staying a good thing. It’s far too easy to get out of balance with the “good thing” and neglect the care of our own soul--which is definitely the “better thing.”

Disconnecting from work also becomes difficult when we place too much of our identity into what we do. It’s not intentional, but when ministry becomes all about achievements, we slowly become nothing more than the sum of our achievements. When this attitude appears, we believe we must achieve or else we (think) will lose our value.
Here’s the sobering truth, while God uses us to do great things, he doesn’t need us to do great things. The Kingdom of God will still move forward without our efforts. Most people acknowledge this fact, but don’t live as if they believe it. Do you?
It is a tragedy when we spend so much time focused on doing the work of God that we miss out on God’s work in us.
As a youth worker, your ministry is important--it’s making an eternal impact--but the condition of your heart is more important than your ministry efforts.

Please take some time to consider the ugly myth that so many believe: “As long as I’m not working, I’m resting.” That’s just not true--retreating isn’t the same as resting. We settle for less when we seek escape and diversion from work.:.
Resting well also means reconnecting with God in a way that’s different than when we’re connected to God while we’re working. (Obviously, many youth workers connect with God during their ministry hours--which is a good thing) A genuine reconnecting with God is a challenge when we’re tired from the busyness of ministry. It’s so easy to step away from work and say, “I need some ‘me time’ to do whatever I want.” While there’s truth to that statement, “me time” should also include a reconnection with God that is genuine and recharging.
We are not suggesting that either disconnecting or reconnecting is easy when you’re engulfed with ministry pressures. But, we are suggesting that it’s very important to make apart of your life.

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